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Planned your Christmas social-media?

By Michael Baxter / 1 December 2019

At this time of year, the marketing stakes grow increasingly high as you attempt to get your message and brand out there. Not only are consumers busy shopping for Christmas gifts they're also planning holidays and beyond into 2020. With its growing user base of engaged fans, and improving eCommerce features, Instagram has become an essential part of the marketing mix. Yet many brands will miss... more »

Success story :: Kiwi builders are the best

By Michael Baxter / 19 November 2019

Kiwi Made Builders specialise helping add value to homes with first class renovations. Owner Mike came to Utopia for a new website. He was booked-in to exhibit at a local trade show and the website would be used to capture visitor details and aid in follow-up after the show.

Success story :: How does your garden look?

By Michael Baxter / 4 November 2019

Garden Maintenance Professional Services Ltd provides top-quality garden maintenance and services to clients in West Auckland and the North Shore. Owner Mark came to Utopia needing a new website to match the new branding on his truck. 

Success story :: Need more roading paint?

By Michael Baxter / 18 October 2019

Damar is a New Zealand owned and operated, compliance managed manufacturer of ‘niche market’ coatings, chemicals and aerosol products. Paul came to Utopia for an upgrade to their old customer ordering platform. The system needed to be modern and support some unique features.

Easy online payments

By Michael Baxter / 9 September 2019

Accepting online payments from customers is now even easier. It used to be that only PayPal was available but now the options are endless.  Before looking at the options you need to decide what type of payments you want to accept: Credit card via your bank You will need to discuss what credit card payment options exist with your bank first. From there they may provide a bespoke solut... more »

Keep the pests away

By Michael Baxter / 30 August 2019

Central Pest Services is a family run business that has been trusted to get rid of domestic and commercial pest problems by Taupo locals for many years. Wendy contacted Utopia to upgrade their existing website.

Streamlined payments via POLi

By Michael Baxter / 14 August 2019

Merco Limited is responsible for all sales, marketing and support of the POLi payment system in New Zealand. Company director Jeff contacted Utopia for an upgrade to their MMS website – this is a platform to allow customers to create simple forms for receiving payments. The MMS product is aimed at small businesses and organisations for getting things like subscriptions paid.

Make sure you are equipped

By Michael Baxter / 7 July 2019

Vitae came to Utopia with a requirement to create a new brand for a specific area of their business.  The new brand would be more than just a logo and would be used across a wide range of media.

Still using Excel? You need a database

By Michael Baxter / 24 June 2019

Spreadsheets are great tools for number crunching. But if you have lots of data, for example on customers, staff or your inventory, you may benefit from a more efficient data management tool. Here's why you should consider replacing spreadsheets with databases to help your business grow. 1. Centralised systems If your business is growing and you have staff to help you run it, keeping trac... more »

When life works better, so does business

By Michael Baxter / 5 June 2019

Vitae is New Zealand’s fastest-growing, nationwide provider of workplace wellbeing and employee assistance services. Utopia and Vitae have a long-standing relationship with Utopia creating their old website and making updates as necessary. David their Corporate Services Manager contacted Utopia to upgrade their website to enhance security, site performance and modernise the design. 

Perfect CRM and member portal

By Michael Baxter / 22 May 2019

North West Country Ltd was established to give the area a unified voice to promote the region, and provide visitors with a central hub for information. Manager Phelan came to Utopia needing to upgrade how they manage their membership database. 

Passive fire protection at its best

By Michael Baxter / 7 May 2019

Firestop Centre brings together Passive Fire Protection products from a range of manufacturers and shows in one easy process all the compliant systems that will work for your particular situation. Their existing website allows customers to browse a range of products and download technical data sheets. They needed an order form so customers can purchase products online.

Putting your interests first

By Michael Baxter / 13 March 2019

Started in 1997, Cliffe Consulting is a privately owned, specialist financial planning and wealth management firm. Company director Rachelle contacted Utopia with the need to redesign their website.

Is your website CMS up-to-date?

By Michael Baxter / 5 March 2019

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a critical component when creating and maintaining websites. These systems allow website owners to create and update content within a website without the need to understand technical programming like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. A CMS is just like any other piece of software, such as an anti-virus program, and it needs to be kept up-to-date to make sure it is ... more »

Need storage?

By Michael Baxter / 23 February 2019

Country Lane Storage is a privately-owned family business, which has been in the storage industry for 20 years. Owner Liz came to Utopia needing to upgrade their existing website.

Help … the API has changed

By Michael Baxter / 16 February 2019

Many of today’s website use third-party systems as part of their website. Examples include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), invoicing and stock management platforms. Websites talk to these systems using a technical method called an API.  These allow developers – like Utopia – to integrate a providers platform into a website.  Occasionally the third-party systems are upgraded and th... more »

The home of Elvis, Betty Boop and more

By Michael Baxter / 10 February 2019

Nostalgia Blvd are suppliers of nostalgic merchandise from the 50s and 60s. Owner Kaye contacted Utopia when their old website was shutdown by the host after applying a system update. Christmas was fast approaching and a new online store was needed urgently.

Speed is everything

By Michael Baxter / 5 December 2018

Brainwave Trust is a national organisation set up as an independent charity with the aim of having every child in New Zealand raised with care and security. They wanted to do some Facebook marketing but their website performance was too slow which would cause errors or people wouldn’t wait the 15 seconds for it to display.

Looking for Super Staff?

By Michael Baxter / 20 November 2018

Superstaff are a boutique staff recruiter for temporary and permanent workers. Their Managing Director, Claire needed their new website implemented in a Content Management System (CMS) so their staff could easily update content on the website. 

Is your website hosting provider any good?

By Michael Baxter / 14 November 2018

Over the last few years several local web hosting companies have been sold to a single large provider. This organisation now controls a huge percentage of the market. Each of these companies are running as they were, but at the same time they are part of the bigger provider. This can cause problems with communication and affect the level of support you need from your host. Having to provide endle... more »