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Success story :: Starts with good analysis

By Michael Baxter / 9 April 2021

Arahoe School came to Utopia to discuss an opportunity on improving learning outcomes for their pupils. One area of particular interest was capturing and actioning items from meetings between the school and families. Traditionally these were done at school and one of the teachers would take notes for follow up.  The process has become more complex with the addition of extended family becomin... more »

What is your digital strategy?

By Michael Baxter / 17 March 2021

What plans have you put in place to survive and grow your business? What digital skills and systems are you using? How has your business been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Here at Utopia, we can help with a tailored digital strategy, specifically for your business. Over a three-week period, Utopia will work with you on gathering and analysing your digital needs. This will be achieved with... more »

Planned your post-covid social-media?

By Michael Baxter / 10 December 2020

At this time of year the marketing stakes grow increasingly high as you attempt to get your message and brand out there. Not only are consumers busy shopping for Christmas gifts, they're also planning holidays and beyond into 2021. With shoppers starting and finishing their purchasing process earlier than ever – and influencers getting booked up by competitors – there is no time to... more »

Supporting your digital journey through COVID-19

By Michael Baxter / 24 September 2020

Since 1998, Utopia has been working with clients to create sites with ecommerce, content management and services like getting your design into a CMS. We are here for our clients through the good and the tricky times. This includes the roller coaster that is COVID-19. To help our clients we have various support and training services that you can utilise to get your digital ventures thriving. ... more »

What Is GDPR and Why Should You Care?

By Michael Baxter / 6 March 2020

The European General Data Protection Regulation — better known by its acronym, GDPR — sets a new standard for data collection, storage, and usage among all companies that operate in Europe. It will change how companies handle consumer privacy, and will give people new rights to access and control their own data on the internet. Although this seems to focus on Europe it is worth unders... more »

Speed is everything

By Michael Baxter / 5 December 2018

Brainwave Trust is a national organisation set up as an independent charity with the aim of having every child in New Zealand raised with care and security. They wanted to do some Facebook marketing but their website performance was too slow which would cause errors or people wouldn’t wait the 15 seconds for it to display.

Are you buying locally?

By Michael Baxter / 3 June 2018

North West Country was established to give the area a unified voice to promote the region and provide visitors with a central hub for information. They came to Utopia needing an app developed to encourage the local community to purchase from local businesses.

Panel ... beating

By Michael Baxter / 7 September 2016

Panel Quote is an advanced shop management software tool built specifically for the New Zealand panel repair and paint refinishing industry. They wanted a website application audit of their database and server to maximise stability and performance.

Website application audit

By Michael Baxter / 17 May 2016

Web applications are frequently the weak link of any business. They need to be accessible to all of your customers - from a wide range of locations and skill sets. Too many times in the news you will read about data breaches and hacks that could have been averted. Have a look at our website application audit to see how we can help keep your data secure.

Supporting applications

By Michael Baxter / 5 February 2014

CID International (CID) came to Utopia on the lookout for someone to take on support for their existing web based application. CID's primary focus is to identify any component required to maintain integrity, be it a specified valve, fire penetration, brace system, fire door or insulation system. Users of the system include both manufacturers and installers. The system had been developed in-h... more »