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Social media profiles

In today’s digital world, social media can be the making or breaking of your company’s branding efforts. As part of your internet marketing strategy you need to concentrate on social media profiles.

Social media profiles should never be rushed or completed merely as an afterthought. As the platform from which all your tweets, updates, messages will launch from – and thus something your audience will see on a regular basis - each of your profiles should wear your company’s image and values on their sleeves, and let people know exactly who you are.

In fact visiting your social media profile could quite feasibly be the first time a potential customer encounters your company, and we all know the importance of first impressions. For this reason, it’s good to think of each of your social media pages as a landing page for your brand. And, like a landing page, each of your profiles should deliver a succinct message and aim to generate engagement.

Social media profiles

To help you make the most of your profiles Utopia can create all your social media profiles for you. This service includes using all your existing branding (including logos, photos and tag lines) across the following platforms:

The creation of your social media profiles costs $360. These can be created as part of your internet marketing strategy and if required Utopia can help with all your social media management.

To book in the creation of your social media profiles please enter your details into the form and we will be back to you to start the process.

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