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Web application audit

Web applications are frequently the weak link of any business. They need to be accessible to all of your customers - from a wide range of locations and skill sets. Open to the world they also need to be connected to an organisation’s core database storing things like your customers sensitive information. Too many times in the news you will read about data breaches and hacks that could have been averted. In short: A Web application is the shortest path for an attacker to take to reach the organisation's crown jewels.

Securing Web applications is critical and not easy. Frequently they have been developed over many years and many versions. For this reason the first thing you need to do with any web application is have a complete audit on how it works. This should provide you with documented evidence on how it is configured and, more importantly, any improvements you need to make to protect the organisations number 1 asset.

Utopia provides a complete website application audit.  This service can be used on all sorts of systems whether they are totally bespoke, or use 3rd-party publication tools like Wordpress. The audit is broken down into a number of key areas:

Platform architecture

  • Platform hardware and software - what equipment and underlying technology runs the application
  • Disaster recovery - what backups are in place; how quickly can the website come back online if it crashes
  • Security - how secure is the platform; who has access; what does a security scan show
  • Services - does the platform have any unnecessary services running
  • Platform performance - how fast is the platform; what type of usage does it have
  • Monitoring - what monitoring / logging is in place to help keep the platform going

Application architecture

  • 3rd-party software - are these up-to-date; what security issues do these pose
  • Coding language(s) - what coding is used; are there external systems being used
  • Database design - how are the databases managed; have they been designed correctly
  • Application performance - what are the performance bench marks for the application
  • Code review - what coding style is used; can it be easily supported

Once the audit is complete you will be supplied with a comprehensive report with recommendations on any items that were found to need improvement.

To request an audit of a client's website or application please complete the booking form. We will be in touch with some technical details and then we can get the audit started. Utopia also offers a range of other agency services so please check them to see how we can help you, and your clients.

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