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Your digital strategy

What plans have you put in place to survive and grow your business? What digital skills and systems are you using? Here at Utopia we can help with a tailored digital strategy specifically for your business.

Over a two-week period Utopia will work with you on gathering and analysing your digital needs. This will be achieved with up to three, one-hour Zoom (or similar) meetings. Utopia will then prepare your unique digital strategy. This will include:

  • Solutions to run your business operations
  • Full digital marketing review
  • Website review and recommendations
  • Ecommerce integrations and solutions (if applicable)
  • Social media review and strategy
  • Digital goals - tailored to your business
  • Keyword analysis for SEM
Your digital strategy

The digital strategy is the blueprint for your business moving forward. To make it successful, the recommendations need to be implemented. This includes:

  • Continually updating and managing your website content
  • Creating and reporting on social media posts
  • Creating SEM platform along with recommended adverts, along with all reporting
  • Creating digital goal tracking for reporting of all marketing successes

Every business has its own unique challenges – and solutions. Having a tailored digital strategy from Utopia will help your business evolve, survive, and thrive.

The cost of this service is $1,200

Funding opportunites

Utopia works with a range of national and regional providers who can offer funding and assistance for a range of services to help grow your business in the digital age. Check out what funding opportunities exist.

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