Website into CMS

Utopia can move your existing website into a Content Management System (CMS) based site where you can easily make updates. We can help guide you in how to choose a CMS for your website

We take your site layout and implement a new template driven site for you. This includes things like:

  • Dynamic menus
  • Full user manual
  • Ability to update your site 24/7
  • Web editor is just like using a simple word processor
  • Uploading images and PDFs
  • Gallery
  • Online forms
  • Blog
  • Discussion forum
  • Calendar

The process of converting your website takes 5-7 days and costs $900. If you want to create a new website you would be better to use the premium website option. Don't forget to look at the options for marketing your website with things like newsletters and social media profiles. You may also want to sell products online in which case you should look at our ecommerce solution.

Please enter your details into the form and we will get back to you with a fixed price quote for your website.

Here are some examples...