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The Mutes

The Mutes (from mars) is a unique professional rock band that draws on the creativity and passion of a group of incredible musicians, writers and performers who have a range of social and learning disabilities. Band representative Stuart wanted their existing website moved onto a Content Management System so they could easily make updates to the site themselves. The existing website was built using Wix which was hard to use and not search engine friendly. The CMS platform chosen for this project was CMS Made Simple.

After their existing website was implemented in the CMS Utopia entered the content from their old website. Utopia helped to move the website hosting to a new provider.

Now fans can follow the band and keep up-to-date with their gig guide. A gallery shows photos of band members and gigs. The new website is fully responsive allowing it to work across multiple devices like phones and tablets.  The website can be promoted on their Facebook page to drive fans to the site.

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