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Search engine optimisation strategy

Search engine optimisation, and the concept of having a website fully optimised, allows your website to appear where it should in search engines like Google and Bing.

The basis of this optimisation requires a good search engine optimisation strategy - this is the plan you are going to use with your content to capture new, or keep existing, customers.

The process of creating your strategy involves some in-depth keyword and competitor analysis to work out where the business sits in comparison to your competitors and establishing what the main keywords are for the particular industry or market segment.

Search engine optimisation strategy

This requires identifying the key segments of the business out of the whole business model and splitting out a list of target keywords and competitors per segment. For example, if your business was tyres your segmentation might look like:

  • Car Tyres 30%
  • Truck Tyres 40%
  • Earthmoving Tyres 10%
  • Tyre Services 20%

Each segment would have a list of 8-10 competitors and 20-30 keywords. We then run analysis on each segment and produce a Keywords & Competitor Analysis spreadsheet for each segment.

Next we produce a sitemap diagram for the website and a recommended sitemap diagram with content changes.

Once your search engine optimisation strategy is complete the recommendations need to be entered into your website. If you have a content management system you can make the updates yourself or you can have Utopia complete the search engine optimisation work. The creation of your search engine optimisation strategy as listed above costs $650.

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