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Panel Quote

Panel Quote is an advanced shop management software tool built specifically for the New Zealand panel repair and paint refinishing industry. Director Josh Martin came to Utopia wanting a website application audit of their database and server to maximise stability and performance. They had plans to add new features and with a large existing user base of their panel shop management tool they wanted to make sure the new features would not break the system.

Over the period of a few weeks Utopia used multiple Skype sessions with Josh and Travis - Panel Quotes leading developer – to fully understand their systems. Specialised software was used to get performance figures at the database, server, code and web browser level.

After three weeks Utopia completed the analysis document. It included recommendations on everything about the application including disaster recovery, security, platform performance, on-going monitoring, coding and database design. The analysis finished with a full set of recommendations to make the application run efficiently.

If you have a customer running a web application that is perhaps a little old or just needs assessing contact us at Utopia today.