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Motorworld Group

Motorworld Group operates in Blenheim with a range of vehicle businesses including sales. Their marketing manager, Alice, contacted Utopia to arrange a change in web hosting prover.

Migrating multiple websites to a new hosting provider demands strategic planning. Utopia began with a comprehensive assessment of the current setup, noting configurations and integrations. We chose a suitable hosting provider based on reliability and scalability and recommended this to Alice.

The move of their six websites began with setting up the new environment and conducting compatibility tests. Migration included transferring files, databases, and configurations, ensuring data integrity.

Utopia managed the entire process by utilising temporary URLs for testing to minimise downtime. Post-migration, we conducted thorough testing and promptly address any issues. We update DNS records for a smooth transition, ultimately optimising websites for growth.

Do you know a client who operates multiple brands and would like their hosting setup reviewed? Utopia can look at all their requirements and recommend a provider and plan for them. We can also manage the migration of the sites. This includes all files and databases associated with the sites. We will manage the entire process including DNS updates. The end goal being a seamless changeover with no downtime for web or email services. Contact Utopia today to discuss your client’s requirements.