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Supporting your digital journey through COVID-19

By Michael Baxter on 24 September 2020 with tags Consulting

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Screenshot of Supporting your digital journey through COVID-19

Since 1998, Utopia has been working with clients to create sites with ecommerce, content management and services like getting your design into a CMS. We are here for our clients through the good and the tricky times. This includes the roller coaster that is COVID-19.

To help our clients we have various support and training services that you can utilise to get your digital ventures thriving.

The Government has allocated funding to the Regional Business Partner Network to support New Zealand businesses. Utopia is one of the organisations authorised to provide services through the network. This means small businesses may qualify for vouchers to pay for services like the ones below.

Digital strategy

How has your business been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? What plans have you put in place to survive and grow? Here at Utopia we can help with a tailored digital strategy specifically for your business. Over a one-week period Utopia will work with you on gathering and analysing your digital needs. From here we work with you on practical solutions to realise your digital goals. Click here to read more and register.

Building an ecommerce business

Here at Utopia we can help with a tailored workshop on how to properly implement ecommerce for your business. This support programme offers personalised recommendations and practical implementation of an ecommerce solution for your business. Click here to read more and register.

Website personal assistance

Remember the days of the webmaster? They would run your website and take care of all the technical changes. Those days are returning as Utopia introduces its Website Personal Assistant (WebPA) service. Are you struggling with keeping your website or online marketing up-to-date? Click here to read more.

To find out what funding you can qualify for and discuss the options for your business journey through COVID-19 contact us today.