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Is your website hosting provider any good?

By Michael Baxter / 14 November 2018

Over the last few years several local web hosting companies have been sold to a single large provider. This organisation now controls a huge percentage of the market. Each of these companies are running as they were, but at the same time they are part of the bigger provider. This can cause problems with communication and affect the level of support you need from your host. Having to provide endle... more »

Hosting Options

By Michael Baxter / 12 August 2014

Here at Utopia we started providing email and hosting services back in 1996. As of two years ago we exited the hosting market to concentrate purely on web and application design. However, we still field enquiries about what are the best website hosting options on the market. Below is a break down of the different types of website hosting solutions and what you should expect from them. At the e... more »

Changing web hosts

By Michael Baxter / 3 September 2013

Sometimes you may need to move a website from one hosting provider to another. When doing this you need to consider the following: Databases Files Application configuration settings Utopia can assist you with this type of move - regardless of who the web hosting companies are. We will take care of all the technical details so your website can continue to operate throughout the m... more »

Handle the email

By Michael Baxter / 16 March 2012

Email is still the most popular method of communication - however - how can we manage it better? Here are some tips for handling your inbox: Schedule two or three slots in the day for email. Turn off every alert or notification. Auto-file mail from regular recipients into folders. Have a range of signatures for anything you write regularly. Read an email once, action / respond a... more »

Demystifying DNS

By Michael Baxter / 29 June 2011

One of the more confusing aspects of managing a web design and hosting business is how to set up the domain name so it functions correctly for all web and email. The key technology that is used is Domain Name Servers (DNS). The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system for computers, services, or any resource participating in the Internet. It associates various information with ... more »

Even spam had Christmas off

By Michael Baxter / 26 February 2011

Spam made up 80% of all email messages on the internet in December, compared with 84% in November. The spam percent-age fell to 70% on Christmas day which seems to indicate spammers even had Christmas off. Utopia has a variety of systems in place to monitor and reduce the amount of spam that arrives in your mailbox. We recommend you do however work through the checklist below to help keep your... more »

Who owns that domain name anyway?

By Michael Baxter / 20 October 2009

Registering a domain name is akin to obtaining a license. As long as the domain name is kept current, you can continue to use it. Domain names are not able to be “owned” by any party. As a Utopia customer, all domain names have: Registrar - that’s Utopia - the company that manages and bills you for domain names Registrant - this is the current license holder of a domain name ... more »