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Is your website hosting provider any good?

By Michael Baxter on 14 November 2018 with tags Hosting

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Screenshot of Is your website hosting provider any good?

Over the last few years several local web hosting companies have been sold to a single large provider. This organisation now controls a huge percentage of the market. Each of these companies are running as they were, but at the same time they are part of the bigger provider. This can cause problems with communication and affect the level of support you need from your host. Having to provide endless forms of credentials, log tickets in support systems, and constantly repeat yourself means it may be time for a change.

Moving to a new provider can be quick and painless. Utopia can assist you in moving your site between hosting providers and can help you to select a provider and moving your site, databases, files and email. 

When selecting a web hosting company there are some simple factors to consider:

  1. Are they cost effective? Today hosting is around $10 a month. How much are you paying?
  2. What is their service like?  Did they answer the phone and respond to your enquiries quickly?
  3. Do they have plenty of plans on offer? Some websites need more storage and features than others.

We encourage you to review your hosting annually so you are getting exactly what you want from your online marketing. Here at Utopia we have carried out a review and updated our list of recommended hosting providers.

Contact us today to discuss changing your hosting provider.