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“Buy Local” App

North West Country was established to give the area a unified voice to promote the region and provide visitors with a central hub for information. They came to Utopia needing an app developed to encourage the local community to purchase from local businesses.

A series of meetings to discuss functionality and content allowed detailed technical specifications to be produced. Mock-ups of the layout were also developed using their existing branding and colour schemes. This included designs for mobile phones and tablets.

The App allows users to search for businesses in the area with filters for business category and location. Users can then go in-store and scan QR codes to earn points. Each month prizes are issued to the top users. There is an app portal to manage all users and businesses. Each business can review the number of QR scans. It is fully integrated with the North West Country website.

Do you know a group wanting to offer their local community an app? Contact us today to discuss a solution for you.