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Potter Interior Systems

Potters are experts in the distribution of quality products and proven solutions to the commercial construction market throughout New Zealand. Their passive fire specialist, Michael, contacted Utopia to build a system to manage fire protection products.

The products, and their solutions, are extensive with many technical details for each one. These allow architects and building managers to correctly fit protection in their buildings. Potters required an add-on to their existing website for searching, filtering, and viewing these products. Each product had over 20 pieces of data including images, PDF’s, and search filter information.

Utopia assessed the data and came up with a spreadsheet to manage this data. Through a bespoke WordPress plugin, Potters can update their website products quickly and easily. All search filters and display data can therefore be updated without someone having to know how to use WordPress.

Specifiers (architects, building designers etc) can now access the Potters website and find the products needed for their unique fire protection requirements. Full technical details are provided to help these specifiers build safe buildings. They can download the PDF data sheets and use the images to understand what Potters products they will need.

Do you want to provide your product information easily for your clients to access? Contact Utopia today to discuss your unique requirements for web enabling data in your business.