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iKnowIT provide end-to-end live stream and video solutions across NZ – from multi-camera, studio or venue broadcasts, to conferences, seminars and entertainment events. Director Stewart came to Utopia looking for a solution to run their live video streaming service. Their current solution was very manual and created a lot of work to manage events. Utopia proposed a new website to promote the business along with a bespoke booking platform. This would enable Stewart and his staff to concentrate on the events rather than managing a lot of the manual admin processes.

The new website has a booking area for users to view a calendar of upcoming live streams. They can quickly book in new events matching up to the services the family are wanting. IKnowIT can access these bookings and manage the live streaming and archiving of the videos for later viewing. Family members can access the live stream both on desktop and mobile. After the event they can re-watch the video or purchase a USB copy of the video.

Utopia provided a range of expertise and built the platform to accommodate a range of video live streaming providers. The post event videos can also be managed by a range of providers giving iKnowIT the perfect platform to expand into other areas like live streaming of weddings.

Are you looking at a new business venture? Consider your digital elements with a new website. Here at Utopia we can work with you to assess what you need. We have the experience to then design, implement and create the content for a new stunning website. Contact us today for a free no obligation chat about your needs. This can be done by phone, email or Zoom.