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Raygun Lighting

The Raygun team have worked in film lighting on an extensive range of productions, both internationally and throughout New Zealand, since 1996. Giles, the "Master & Commander" of the business, asked Utopia to design and implement a new website. The key call to action was for producers and directors to contact Giles or book a zoom call. A Content Management System (CMS) was also required so staff could easily update the site. The CMS platform chosen for this project was CMS Made Simple.

After discussing content and functionality Utopia produced a mock-up of the new site using the logo and colours supplied.  While the website was being completed Giles worked with a website copywriter recommended by Utopia on the website content. After the Premium website was implemented Utopia entered the content supplied by the website copywriter.

A website form on the contact page allows visitors to easily make an enquiry. Utopia helped to arrange the website hosting. The new website is fully responsive allowing it to work across multiple devices like phones and tablets. Search Engine Optimisation was completed on the website pages and content. 

Are you looking at a new business venture? Consider your digital elements with a new website. Here at Utopia we can work with you to assess what you need. We have the experience to then design, implement and create the content for a new stunning website. Contact us today for a free, no obligation chat about your needs. This can be done by phone, email or Zoom.