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Start planning for 2015

By Michael Baxter on 9 December 2014 with tags Upgrade

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The end of the year is a good time to think about a plan for your website for 2015. How can you make the most of your site within your budget? Here are some simple steps for you to plan for the new year:

Changing Technology

Like home maintenance, it's good to give your site a regular check-up, learn about the latest trends and where things are headed, and consider your website maintenance budget for the coming year.

For example, during this past year the push for mobile responsive websites has been on the rise. Google is set to give special weighting to those websites that are mobile friendly. Making sure your website is mobile responsive provides versatility, accessibility, and other benefits like improved visitor experience and access. It makes good sense, just like having your car tuned up regularly.

Establishing Goals

Do you have any goals established for your website in the new year? Do you have some new ideas? Here are some examples you might like to consider:

  • Where would you like to see your website by the end of the year?
  • Learn what needs to be done to accomplish the above
  • Set up realistic time frames to accomplish your goals
  • Follow through

Things you can do

Above all else keep your content fresh and alive. Look at how you are promoting it - both online and offline. Make sure you have your web address on your email signature or business cards.

As with all things the more you can plan the better-off you will be. Consider how you want to see yourself portrayed online and make a diary note to contact us in the new year to discuss your options.