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Going on a road trip

By Michael Baxter on 26 July 2014 with tags Bespoke, E-commerce, CMS

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Forbes and Davies are New Zealand's leading importer of Motorcycle and ATV tyres, clothing, helmets and accessories. Their website was linked to a specialist stock management platform which in turn incurred ongoing monthly costs. Forbes and Davies came to Utopia looking for a solution to cut these costs and provide improved functionality for their New Zealand wide network of dealers.

Utopia reviewed the existing system and came up with a solution to link the website directly to their in-office SAP system. This cut out the middle man from their existing setup.

Over a period of months the look and functionality of the new website was improved to allow:

  • Dealer login and direct ordering
  • Product, pricing and dealer interface to SAP
  • Improved searching algorithms
  • Improved order management for dealers
  • Improved overall content management functions

As with any large system there was a period of testing and refinement before the new system was made live.

"Proved good in testing and the dealers using it so far seem happy" says Troy from Forbes and Davies. "From your end, we have no complaints at all with the timeline so 10/10"

If you want to discuss ways your website can be improved with functionality or how the backend management works contact us so we can discuss what would work for you.