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Hosting Options

By Michael Baxter on 12 August 2014 with tags Hosting

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Here at Utopia we started providing email and hosting services back in 1996. As of two years ago we exited the hosting market to concentrate purely on web and application design. However, we still field enquiries about what are the best website hosting options on the market.

Below is a break down of the different types of website hosting solutions and what you should expect from them. At the end of the day if you are not satisfied with your current provider there are other options available:

Traditional hosting

There are many web hosting companies available today. Locally based providers are usually easy to reach and provide faster services then overseas. You can however host your website offshore. These are usually cheaper but at the end of the day you do get what you pay for. Don't expect to phone an overseas host and get good service if you are only paying $5 a month.

Traditional hosting should give you reliable email and web services. If you have any issues you should be able to email or phone the provider and get a solution to a problem quickly.

The cost of traditional hosting can range from $15 to $55 a month. As there are many providers it is a very competitive market with a lot of smaller players. We would recommend going with a long standing provider who has a proven record.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This is like having your own server to manage your websites without the need to buy any hardware. They are aimed at organisations that have specific applications they want to run within their websites. This could be in the form of an accounting, CRM or mail server.

If you have a large number of websites a VPS can also be a cost effective solution. You need to consider things like backups, security and what services you want your VPS to run.

The cost of a VPS varies depending on the amount of memory, storage and performance you are wanting. Typically they start at around $200 a month.

Cloud hosting

This is the next generation of hosting. It allows you to put your services across multiple providers and services with improved scalability. Cloud hosting is also used for things like online web services.

There are many benefits to cloud hosting including improved performance and unique control over how your web hosting works. The majority of the larger websites - think Twitter - use Cloud Hosting so they can manage the resources required to deliver text, images and a good global presence.

Cloud hosting is more expensive due to the control and functionality you have at your fingertips. Most of the providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft provider "calculators" so you can work out what your specific spend would be.

You don't need to be a large site to make use of cloud hosting. For about the same cost as traditional hosting you can have your website available on a cloud platform with the added performance, security and scalability benefits thrown in.

Changing Provider

If you are concerned about the level of service you are getting from your web hosting provider  contact us today. We can recommend the best solution and assist you in making a change in provider without any loss of service.