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What is POLi?

By Michael Baxter on 18 May 2014 with tags E-commerce

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Utopia has been offering e-commerce payment integration for businesses for many years. We have expertise in a wide range of solutions and are proud to now include POLi as part of this.

POLi is a payment processing system that allows you to accept payments on your website that come from your customer’s internet banking system.  Your customers no longer need to have a credit or debit card when shopping online at your store or paying an invoice.  POLi allows them to make a payment for purchases or pay a bill using money straight from their bank account.

More than 1.1 million adult New Zealanders do not own a credit card, and therefore are very unlikely to buy from your website or pay a bill online.  

Kiwis love internet banking but shopping cart completion falls away once consumers leave your site.  POLi allows your customers to complete an internet banking payment and stay connected with your site and your e-commerce workflow. Both you and your customer receive an instant receipt to confirm payment.

POLi can be used in traditional online shopping systems, and you can also use it to accept payments from customers even if you don’t have an online shopping system. Your website can have a simple form to capture the customers name, email, perhaps an invoice number and what amount they want to pay. Upon completing the form they are then guided through to their internet banking website. There is no need for them to fill in details like reference fields. All you need to do at the end of the day is reconcile the transactions.

When using POLi your customers do not need to have a credit card, and, you are not paying the bank merchant or credit card processing fees.

You can read more about POLi online and contact us today to discuss the options for your website and payment processing requirements.