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Supporting applications

By Michael Baxter on 5 February 2014 with tags Consulting, Bespoke

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CID International (CID) came to Utopia on the lookout for someone to take on support for their existing web based application. CID's primary focus is to identify any component required to maintain integrity, be it a specified valve, fire penetration, brace system, fire door or insulation system. Users of the system include both manufacturers and installers.

The system had been developed in-house to provide support to CID's customers. Concerns were raised that the company needed backups of the system and a reliable programmer on hand for business continuity.

The first thing we did was make an offsite backup of the web application code and database. We have then continued making changes to the application. These have included:

  • Refining the user interface
  • Generating and emailing notification reports to users
  • Tightening up data entry

We here at Utopia pride ourselves on putting our customers first. Through taking on and understanding existing legacy systems we can recommend and adapt the solution so your business can grow successfully. Have your clients contact us today if they are looking for such support.