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10 ways to improve your website

By Michael Baxter on 8 October 2013 with tags Upgrade, Marketing

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Why worry about getting twice as many people to visit your site, when it can be far easier to double the number of sales from the people already visiting? Here are 10 ways to improve the success of your website:

1. Make your customer’s life easy.

You need to consider how customers navigate around your site. Can they quickly find that product or service you just told them about on the phone?

2. Be honest and open.

Few things annoy users as much as reading all about a product they are after, adding it to a cart, and starting the checkout process - only to find out the product isn't actually available.

3. Don't waste time.

One of the biggest mistakes sites make is asking for too much information. You don't need to demand the user's email address before letting them download a PDF.

4. Help them trust you.

It's important to give the potential customer every reason to trust you. Having a physical address or simply your phone number, with someone answering the phone, is a good start. Design and content also play a part in trust. A poor design gives off an unprofessional feeling. If a company can't afford a decent website, or won't spend the money on it, how can a user be sure their order will be treated with the importance it deserves?

5. What is your returns or service policy?

Returns on the web are, and are likely to remain, a major issue for consumers. Be clear on how they can work with you in resolving these without them wanting to head to Fair Go.

6. Keep the customer informed.

When somebody buys something online, they want to know when it's going to arrive at their door. Some people are impatient, after all.

7. Multiple payment options.

The more flexible you are the more chance of a successful sale.

8. Improve the value of visitors.

People that buy from you are doing so because they like what it is they see. If a user adds a product to a basket, show them other things they might like as well.

9. Be memorable.

A good site will include information. A poor one is just an online catalogue. Customers start with research online, just as they do offline. If you can make contact with them at that stage of their process, and give a favourable impression, there is a good chance that they will come back and buy from you when they finally decide to make a purchase.

10. What is your unique selling point?

This is what sets you apart from your competition. If a visitor goes to several sites looking for a product, why would they decide to buy from you instead of somewhere else? Get to know yours and promote it!

We hope this article gives you some pointers on improving the success of your website. If you would like to know more or get some assistance putting these ideas in place please contact us today.