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Subscription based billing

By Michael Baxter on 6 May 2013 with tags Bespoke

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Screenshot of Subscription based billing

Netinsites came to Utopia for the coding of a registration and payment solution for a client’s website. The client would be taking registrations for the locally developed e-learning system called Guide Tools.

The overall objectives of the coding project required:

  • Interfacing to SilveStripe CMS for registrations
  • Processing credit card payments through Paystation
  • Creating staff (user) records in Guide Tools
  • Providing a monthly repeat billing system for subscriptions

Utopia had to manage a number of changes through the project and adapt to the changing Guide Tools system (API). Overall there were adjustments to workflow and improvements to the end-user experience. This resulted in a robust system which provides the automation and control needed by the client.

When asked about the final solution Alex from Netinsites says, "It was great to have the experience of Michael from Utopia on this project. We were dealing with a third party API which was being added to as the project progressed, whilst trying to meet a rapidly approaching deadline. Throughout the process Michael was able to adapt and make changes quickly which allowed us to concentrate on other parts of a quite complex project."

Utopia works with many web specialists who require bespoke coding solutions. If you are looking for a solution along these lines please contact us today.