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Are your websites secure?

By Michael Baxter on 11 June 2013 with tags Tech, Upgrade

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These days website applications are an essential part of businesses. There are no limitations to what website applications can do. They can create amazing sites dealing in sales, finance, e-commerce and other sensitive information. However there are a great number of web application threats that endanger those applications and your reputation.

Imagine if a hacker broke into your client’s website applications?

Utopia can perform security hardening on your website applications to help stop hackers. The process involves performing the following tasks:

  • Review installation setup
  • Update file permissions
  • Alter file locations and configuration
  • Prevent access to code files
  • Version checking - including modules and plug-ins
  • Password hardening and encrypting
  • Run specific scans for known vulnerabilities
  • Full report on updates made
  • Full report on further actions required like upgrading modules and base code
  • Full report on areas of concern you may like to review

This process and reporting can be performed on a per site basis at a cost of $280 per site (discounts apply for large groups of sites)

If you are looking to secure your client’s websites please contact us today.