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May Flower

By Michael Baxter on 30 June 2012 with tags E-commerce

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Utopia works with many web designers in implementing e-commerce websites. Beacon Hill Design, a design company from Marlborough, is a perfect example. Beacon Hill came to Utopia with a brief to implement their design for a local florist - May Flower - with a new e-commerce site.

Utopia received the design in the form of already sliced HTML 5 and CSS. This was altered and restructured to fit the CMS system. Utopia used CMS Made Simple and its own e-commerce module to provide the functionality required which included:

  • Ability to browse products by type, special category or price
  • Ability to up-sell products at checkout e.g. chocolates
  • A complete admin area to manage products and orders

For Beacon Hill this solution meant a fully functional site with no compromises when it came to implementing their vision. With further sites being developed using the same technology it means the designers familiarity with the solution pays dividends in managing training, support and future enhancements.

Utopia is working on more and more of these types of projects. They are cost effective and provide a complete solution for the end client. Contact us today so Utopia can deliver the solution you envisaged for your clients.