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By Michael Baxter on 1 July 2012 with tags Utopia, E-commerce

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Many web designers ask us what sort of technology and solutions we can offer them to get their websites running. To help answer these questions we have put together a demonstration website which showcases our recommended content platform. The demo is available at

This site is built using CMS Made Simple and Utopia’s e-commerce module and showcases some amazing features:

  • Shopping with multiple product categories, brands and filtering options
  • Full CMS with editable content blocks
  • Ability to embed video
  • Links to social media
  • Use of modern search engine optimization techniques

The technology has been used on a wide range of sites and continues to be enhanced. Some of the new features coming online include:

  • Interface to Xero when customers checkout
  • Interface to Vend for complete stock and POS control
  • Daily deals and specials
  • Use Google Analytics to track the actual products purchased

There are many options for implementing a content platform for your clients’ websites. Each has its merits. Below are the advantages of using CMS Made Simple from Utopia:

  • We can supply an unbranded user manual
  • Utopia has over 8 years working with the platform
  • It is scalable and easily adaptable
  • There are many additional modules available for things like calendars, blogs etc
  • Utopia can quickly and easily get your Photoshop design into the CMS
  • All sites use templates and pure CSS

Call us today to discuss the features of this demo and how they can be used to streamline your websites.