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The building blocks of business

By Michael Baxter on 10 December 2009 with tags CMS, Bespoke

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Bob Norrie (A.K.A. Bob the Business Builder), is a professional accountant and business development expert with years of experience in helping businesses grow. In the past he has promoted his services through a variety of initiatives, including local and city-wide networking events. When Bob was ready to promote his business online he came to Utopia – being a well established e-commerce provider.

Utopia listened to what Bob wanted to achieve with the promotion and sale of his Business Building Blocks range of products. The Building Blocks themselves are individual documents focused on specific business subjects, accompanied by worksheets for use by any type of business. Bob has partnered with accountants around the country and is looking at drawing visitors to his site that offers a variety of services:

  • Subscription to a weekly business tip
  • Browsing business building information
  • Purchase Building Blocks in discounted lots – delivered instantly via email

During the design stage Utopia worked within existing brand guidelines as well as implementing new design ideas. It was important for visitors to navigate the site easily, find products and prices quickly and purchase the Building Blocks online. Utopia constructed a complete real-time credit card processing system behind the site that is cost effective and easily managed. Best of all, it is free of high bank merchant fees.

You can view Bob's website at

Do you need a simple clean, e-commerce solution for your business? Do you know of anyone that requires help with an online store? Contact us to discuss how Utopia may be able to help.