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Get a career not a job

By Michael Baxter on 3 February 2012 with tags Bespoke, CMS

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Utopia works with many web designers in implementing complex back-office systems. Transformer Design, a design company in Auckland, is a perfect example. Transformer came to Utopia with a simple brief from their client, “Provide a management tool for managing ongoing conferences up and down the country”. The clients’ conferences are run yearly, in all the major centres, and provide those about to leave high-school with a place to meet with potential employers. The conferences attract attendees from schools and exhibitors from businesses throughout New Zealand.

Utopia met with the end client and built up a requirements specification for the development of the site. This was to be built on CMS Made Simple and be implemented from a stunning new design that Transformer built.

The back-end part of the site was launched first and provided the conference organisers with tools to:

  • Manage attendees
  • Manage exhibitors - including exporting
  • Provide reports on exhibitor and attendee uptake
  • Use a fully extendable database
  • Manage the conferences available

The front-end of the site allowed visitors to:

  • Browse conferences and view exhibitor details
  • Access real-time registration for conference attendees
  • Use interactive forms to capture exhibitor interest
  • Be automatically subscribed to Campaign Monitor

Utopia is working on more and more of these types of projects. They are cost effective and provide a complete solution for the end-client. We can be involved with your client as much or as little as you want. Best of all, we provide excellent project management so you know where your project is at and what you can expect. Contact us today so Utopia can deliver the solution you envisaged for your clients.