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Moving to CMS based sites

By Michael Baxter on 5 May 2011 with tags Tech

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A Content Management System (CMS) is software that makes it easy to manage online information. They use a database to store every piece of content and a template to produce a functioning website. Using a CMS means that content can be quickly added to a site, even by non-technical people, and appear in a consistent and styled way when viewed through a web browser.

With a CMS most site content is stored in a database as text. When a page is requested over the Internet the text is grabbed, delivered to a template and then styled by a style-sheet. All this takes a matter of milliseconds. To save processing time popular pages are cached (stored in the system) and can be accessed faster. Because a template is used the look of the whole site can be changed as quickly as it takes to change one template.

A CMS usually has an easy interface for content writers. This means that non-technical people can add and edit content, saving the cost of technicians and cutting the number of hands content passes through before going live. A good CMS will usually only require a web browser and a reliable Internet connection. This results in savings on software, individual installations and computers capable of running the software.

As well as your customers being able to edit their own content, you, or a copywriter can also log in to the site to maintain the content. In the end, a CMS can save you and your clients lots of work. The big question though, is how do you get your latest site design into a CMS? The answer, contact us here at Utopia.

Utopia has two main services to get your websites into a CMS. These are all engineered to fit around your own design techniques and coding requirements. Best of all, all implementations can be completed within 5-10 working days, and, we can use your Photoshop file or existing raw HTML.

To discuss the options for your next project contact us today and we can help you get your designs implemented and online.