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Arthritis New South Wales

By Michael Baxter on 24 June 2011 with tags CMS, Into CMS

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Arthritis New South Wales supports people of all ages living with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Their website provides information to sufferers to help living with the condition. Utopia was requested by Virtual Advertising in Australia to look at putting a PDF workbook online for its members. The workbook is split into a series of modules with appropriate activities. Each activity has a set of questions that members can fill in and use to improve their quality of life. By putting the workbook online it was intended to allow members to login and complete these questions online. Their changes would be saved and they could come back at any time to review or amend them.

The final technical implementation involved the following:

  • Creating a database for answers to the workbook questions
  • Allow viewing of the workbook and activities
  • Members can view and amend their answers

Over time the staff at Arthritis NSW can now change the layout and amend the online workbooks. It is a perfect example of Utopia working with new media companies to deliver a vision,.

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