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The Good Guys

By Michael Baxter on 12 February 2011 with tags E-commerce

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Utopia works with many web designers for implementing e-commerce based solutions. Webdzinz, a design company in Auckland, recently contracted Utopia to provide the solution for managing products on two websites for the same company. These are Good Guys Homezone, and Good Guys Xmas Club.

The entire sites were designed by Webdzinz and Utopia provided the product management system. This takes the form of a configurable module for the popular CMSMS content management system. Although the site does not offer online payments, the back-end system is still excellent for managing the products. It is designed using templates and if required, specialized PHP code can be written to extend functionality.

Utopia worked with the designers at Webdzinz to implement the site. Our expertise was used for:

  • Implementation of e-commerce system for managing products
  • Dynamic price calculations based on days until Christmas
  • Products split so they can be made available on in certain regions
  • Solution rolled out across 2 sites

If you are working on an e-commerce solution for your clients please contact us now. Utopia has the experience and expertise to have your e-commerce solution up and running.