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Measuring opinion

By Michael Baxter on 18 June 2010 with tags Into CMS, Bespoke

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Utopia works with many design companies to implement front-end and back-end site functionality. This enables designers to concentrate on the overall look and design and not have to worry about the technical aspects of implementing a site. In one recent case Utopia was tasked with implementing a HTML site design into a CMS and providing the following site features:

  • Online directory of web site members including a specialised search mechanism. This was used so visitors could find member organisation details quickly and easily.
  • Blogging facility that allows the parent member organisation to post material for members to comment and vote on. This is a major part of the site that allows for true sharing of knowledge and opinion. Best of all the site owners can opt to make certain discussions private to members only.
  • Provide back end statistics for the parent member organisation to make recommendations on its members votes.

Utopia worked on the project alongside the end customer and the designer of the site. Constant communication and attention to detail played a huge part. The project was broken down into three manageable areas that allowed the site owners to easy into managing such a site as the additional functionality came online.

The final website is called NZDSN and was designed by Finity.

If you are working on a website that requires advanced back-end programming contact us now. Utopia has the experience and expertise to have your data driven solution delivered on time and to budget.