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Oh no - not socks

By Michael Baxter on 8 December 2010 with tags E-commerce, Into CMS, Bespoke

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Utopia works with many design and media companies to implement front-end and back-end site functionality. Coming to Utopia to solve your large development headaches makes good sense – we have been in the industry for 14 years, have an excellent track record, and provide on-going support for our work.

One Fat Sheep is just such a company – they are a fast growing media company with success both locally and internationally. One of their recent projects is the Not Socks Gifts website. This site provides an enormous list of products from retailers all over the world. It is aimed at providing links through to these retailers websites through unique searching and filtering tools.

The entire project and site was designed by One Fat Sheep. Utopia was used to implement their vision in a CMS and provide the infrastructure to meet the searching and filtering requirements. The site uses a mixture of jQuery, AJAX and sophisticated CMS page mapping to give a pleasant user experience and is fully search engine optimised.

Utopia worked with the specialists from One Fat Sheep to implement the site. Our expertise was used for:

  • Implementation of site design
  • Initial database setup and design for product details
  • CMS setup
  • SEO configuration and design
  • Product management area
  • Functionality like online voting and placing feedback
  • Search filters with paging and ranking

If you are working on a website that requires a small or large coding solution please contact us now. Utopia has the experience and expertise to have your problems solved.