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Keeping the rentals up-to-date

By Michael Baxter on 2 April 2010 with tags CMS, Bespoke

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Utopia works with many design companies to implement back-end site functionality. In some situations our customers are in need of pure database development and integration. In this recent case Utopia was tasked with getting the regular feed of rental listings from the property management system onto the real estate agent’s website. From there, a front-end was then hooked up to provide a full search and viewing mechanism for site visitors.

This project was unique in a number of ways:

  • The end customer was not in New Zealand
  • The end customer had performed some 'HTML' coding
  • This included some database design
  • Utopia was working through a design company in Auckland
  • The data feed was in the form of compressed XML datasets
  • Images were imported along with automatic generation of thumbnails
  • The front-end remembers the searches that the visitors make
  • A front-end slider was used to make browsing images more efficient

Utopia worked on the project for three weeks and adapted to changes along the way from the end customer and the design company we were working for. Constant communication and attention to detail played a huge part.

If you are working on a website that requires advanced back-end programming contact us now. We have the experience and expertise to have your data driven solution delivered on time and to budget.

Please note that for privacy reasons the design company, and end customers details are not in this newsletter.