Customised payment solutions, made easy

By Michael Baxter on 17 June 2009 with tags Bespoke

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The client was wanting to accept online bookings through their website for a conference they were organising. They needed a real-time solution that worked seemlessly and securely with their existing website. Utopia worked with the clients’ web designer to convert the static HTML into a sophisticated order form with auto-totalling and integration into Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) for real-time credit card processing. The designer had full control over the form layout and it was important that they could continue to make modifications without requiring additional programming knowledge.

Utopia took the HTML form and added a coded list of prices for the sessions - which the web designer is then easily able to update. JavaScript was added to automatically total up the additional sessions, providing a final cost. This process is executed in real-time as the customer is using the form. Additional JavaScript functions check for valid fields and accept the form for credit card processing.

Utopia was able to post the necessary transaction information to DPS. This displays a secure web form for the customer to enter their payment details. Once the payment is processed the customer is redirected back to the original website. At this point additional information regarding the booking can be emailed to the customer.

Technology Used

  • JavaScript - field validation; calculate cost (mini shopping cart)
  • PHP - create secure transaction for processing with DPS
  • DPS - payment gateway

The final form was setup to run using a special DPS testing account. Going live involves getting merchant information from the client's bank, and switching to the live DPS account.

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