Keep your website secure

By Michael Baxter on 17 April 2012 with tags Tech

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In recent months there has been a marked increase globally in websites being hacked. These hackers are usually from internet gangs. There overall mission is to gain money or make a point about someone or something. Once a website has been hacked the gangs then use them to:

As Utopia provides website hosting we take security of our client’s websites seriously. For this reason we have a range of security measures in place to stop hacking. Sometimes however the hackers find their way around security either by stealth, or, simply guessing or using a password they have acquired. For these reasons we recommend all customers review security regularly. For your website this means:

  • Changing your FTP passwords to random combinations
  • Updating and applying ALL patches to ANY software that runs on your website e.g. Wordpress
  • Password protecting areas of your website where you have administration functions
  • Changing passwords if you have got anyone to work on your site on your behalf
  • Keeping your computers virus scanner up-to-date
  • Removing unnecessary code and modules from your hosting account

Hacking is on the increase so please take some time to review your website security.