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The next big thing

By Michael Baxter on 25 April 2012 with tags Tech

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Over the years trends come and go. With the internet this is even more prominent. The question is - how many of these trends do you really need to pay attention to so you get the most from your website?

The key to succeeding with business online is spotting the trends that matter to your business and your customers. This can assist in where you should either spend time or advertising dollars to get the best return.

Below are some up and coming trends you should consider:

  • Pinterest - lets you create and share collections of images organised around your interests
  • Your website on larger mobile devices like iPad’s
  • Multi platform marketing - being on Facebook, Twitter etc
  • APPs - The world has gone APP crazy
  • Big Data - dealing with huge amounts of data

Utopia can assist you in selecting the best type of online marketing that would work for your business. Contact us today to discuss what would work for you and your business.