Is Web 2.0 for another generation?

By Michael Baxter on 26 August 2009 with tags Tech

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Web 2.0 is a new technology you may have heard mentioned in the media. The term refers to a range of new and exciting ways visitors can interact with a web site and its content. There is a lot of hype around the concept, so to explain further (in simple language), Utopia have listed some real-world examples of Web 2.0 interactivity that could work for your web site:

  • Creating your own Google map mashups - e.g. show the areas you do business, or markers indicating all your outlets in the country for your products
  • Put a video onto YouTube showing your business in operation and link to it from within your site
  • Run a blog talking about what you are doing, success stories and allow people to comment
  • Operate a forum so your clients can discuss your business and products. Perhaps others can join in and give you an opportunity to convert them to becoming clients
  • Provide a lot of detailed information that can be tagged and searched for within your site - and - referenced from other sites
  • Put your site into a web based content management system and allow others to update the content. This could be a club or large organisation with different departments

As you can see from the above examples, Web 2.0 provides site visitors with real-time interactivity - enhancing the overall end-user experience. It is not something you can just enable at the flick of a switch.

Utopia is able to deliver solutions like those listed above. Some are fairly easy to implement and could give your site a lift in visitors and lead to more enquiries or sales.

Contact us now to discuss how Web 2.0 could add value to your site.