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TXT notifications from your website

By Michael Baxter on 2 July 2011 with tags Tech

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Does your website have a contact form on it that when completed by visitors is emailed to you? Do you have an e-commerce site processing orders for customers? If you do, then all these communications will be coming to you via email. In some situations you might like to know anytime that someone has completed a purchase or wants to contact you. With TXT notifications you can receive a text message on your phone with the details.

Adding this functionality to your website is usually straightforward. First you need to select a provider who will carry the message:

  • Vodafone - with some accounts an email to TXT system is provided
  • One Way SMS - free trial and you then pay for credits in advance
  • Message Media - free trial but pricing not mentioned on website

Next, the form processing script needs to be upgraded to send a small email to the providers address. This will then forward it on as a TXT message. If you need assistance in changing the contact page on your website to send these notifications please Contact us today.