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Monitoring Social Media

By Michael Baxter on 28 October 2011 with tags Marketing

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Social media is all the rage - some people are not using it, some are to great success, and others are trying to work it all out. Once you have a Facebook or Twitter account you then need to monitor and work the social media for your business. Monitoring social media can be as simple as these steps:

  • Log on to your various accounts once a day to see if anything needs responding to
  • Only Tweet or update your status if you have something worthy to say. Sometimes it could be a question your 'network' may be able to help with
  • Observe how others are using the medium - this could be by looking at the tweets from your competitors, or see what they put on Facebook
  • Every so often update your website and tell everyone about the new content
  • Keep tabs on what other people are saying about your business by using tools like Google Alerts and many others

Above all else keep your social media correspondence as personal as possible to show your business is friendly, helpful and professional.