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Jetting away

By Michael Baxter on 24 June 2011 with tags Into CMS, Marketing

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Jet Ski Hire is an Auckland business hiring out Jet Skis and other marine equipment. Their existing website provides information about the company, their products and how to contact them. Using Utopia's Traditional SEO approach the site was reengineered internally to give it a better chance with search engines. This involved the following:

  • Changing heading tags
  • Adding meta data to the pages
  • Creating back linking
  • Using a new domain name

Utopia has monitored the sites performance since these and other changes were implemented. The table below shows where the site ranked for each keyword across the weeks:




jetski hire auckland 51 100+ 8 7 6 7
auckland jetski hire 100+ 100+ 9 9 7 2
hauraki jetski hire 57 100+ 2 4 2 3
auckland seadoo hire 100+ 100+ 1 1 1 1

This clearly shows a marked improvement within the first few weeks, and then a move to reinforcing the ranking over time.

Contact Utopia today to discuss what options there are for your site and improving its return. Just like Auckland Jet Ski Hire you can leverage your site and gain more exposure to potential customers