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Beating the competition

By Michael Baxter on 1 May 2011 with tags Marketing

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When you have decided the content on your website you can consider how it appears to search engines. They traditionally look at the structure and other internal information on images and pages to rank your site above or below others. Utopia now offers two excellent options for getting the best out of your content rich site and making you appear ahead of the competition.

Traditional SEO

This involves doing the ground work to make your website strong and accessible in the global market. The SEO process involves using proven techniques that take around two weeks to implement. This includes:

  • Analysis of applicable keywords and phrases
  • Optomisation for these search phrases including titles and image setup
  • Suggestions on changes to the site content
  • Listing in major search directories
  • Generation of back links
  • User guide on how to manage and track your site usage so you can adapt to the competition
  • Free Social Media handbook to assist you in new marketing

Managed Marketing

Your website is marketing - it is a means to market your business and to stand head and shoulders above your competition. With Utopia's Managed Marketing you get experts making sure your online investment is paying off. Our experts will allocate an agreed number of hours each month to perform the following tasks for your business:

  • Monitoring and performing updates on your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook
  • Monitoring and adjusting your online advertising campaigns
  • Updating of website content
  • Provide a monthly report on your website's activity
  • Provide a report on your competitors' activity and changes

You have a great website and now it is time to make it give you the return you deserve. You can learn more about our SEO and Management Marketing services online. Please contact us to discuss how these can improve the visitors and success of your website.