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Writing a professional newsletter

By Michael Baxter on 16 February 2011 with tags Marketing

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Writing a regular newsletter is a skilful task, one that involves persistence and persuasion. Not only is that important, but in newsletter writing content must be original and relevant. Since newsletter articles generally advertise your products or service, they must remain more informative along with being slightly persuasive. Good newsletter writing gives readers an insight into the services and products that you can offer. However, a truly useful content contains the essence of newsletter writing.

Newsletter writing can help advertise your products to a wider market and at the same time earn you loyal readership. Writing a newsletter that is innovative and informative is essential for good marketing. You are spreading information that is relevant to thousands and thus satisfying their needs. That should be the basic aim of your newsletter - to offer significant information. It's about sharing what you know.

When people subscribe to a newsletter they normally expect relevant information and if you are providing them that information then you will earn good readers. If they like what they read the readers will eventually turn to your company for services or products, or, continue to trust your services with their continued business. This is the essence of newsletter writing and so writing a newsletter article with care is very important.

Apart from building up a database of readers you need to start getting the content together for the upcoming newsletters. This requires skills in matching the content to your message and helping to build traffic to your website.

Here at Utopia we get asked regularly about newsletters. Through a local networking group we met Clive Littin. He is an ex school teacher and works from Avondale in Auckland. He has an excellent business in creating and managing newsletters. If you or someone you know needs assistance in getting their newsletters together please have them contact Clive at or visit his website.