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Hit The Road

By Michael Baxter on 10 February 2011 with tags CMS, Bespoke

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One of the many activities tourists like to do in New Zealand is hire a camper van and self-drive around the country. Before arriving here they can research options through the Internet. We have many providers here in New Zealand so this can take time. A new company hit the web this year to make this process easier - they are called Hit The Road. Hit The Road contacted Utopia for the design of their new website to allow browsing all rental proviers vehicles and taking secure online bookings.

Utopia’s solution involved creating a management system to import car rental provider's data into the website. From here it could be searched and bookings made using Direct Payment Solutions real-time credit card clearing system. The end result provides Hit The Road with:

  • Ability to import full rental car data from the various providers
  • Content Management System (CMS) for maintaining the website
  • Complete integrated payment system for secure credit card bookings
  • Complex rules based system for calculating the costs
  • Insurance and add-ons like car seats factored into costs

The final site is clean, simple to use and providers Hit The Road with a complete online solution for their business.

You can view the website at

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