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Help … the API has changed

By Michael Baxter on 16 February 2019 with tags Upgrade

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Many of today’s website use third-party systems as part of their website. Examples include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), invoicing and stock management platforms. Websites talk to these systems using a technical method called an API.  These allow developers – like Utopia – to integrate a providers platform into a website.  Occasionally the third-party systems are upgraded and this requires updates to be made for anyone using it.

Merco, a company that provides payment services using POLi, recently came to Utopia as its CRM provider was doing an upgrade.  A specification was produced to detail what changes were required. The actual changes were then made and Merco could test the changes before making them live. The outcome of this was improved stability and reporting. Everything was done in a controlled fashion with no downtime to the existing website.

If your clients are using third-party systems in their websites and require assistance with updates or upgrades please contact us to discuss how Utopia can help.