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Do you procrastinate over updating your website?

By Michael Baxter on 9 October 2018 with tags Marketing, CMS

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Screenshot of Do you procrastinate over updating your website?

In this day and age being online is essential to running a successful business. Whether you are using your website as a general reference point for present or future customers or are using it to generate leads or even to be able to sell your products online. Change is something constant in the world of internet and that’s why having an obsolete web page is a big no-no. Even worse is having no website at all.

It is extremely important to keep your website up to date. This is for a number of reasons:

Improve Search Ranking Results – Updating your website constantly, should be done so people can find you easily on the web. Search engines make it a priority to list pages that are new and relevant.

Good Company Impression – An updated website gives an impression that your company is growing and is gaining a good reputation online. This will make people excited to visit your web page each time they surf the net.

Check Outbound Links – Just how would you feel if you clicked on a link and nothing appears or it directs you to a worthless page? That’s just one thing you don’t want your visitors to experience on your website so make it a habit to constantly check your websites pages and links for errors.

It Keeps Current Customers and Attracts New Ones – A regular update on your website makes your customers come back more regularly. Resulting in happy and content customers with a possibility that they will recommend your business to others.

Updates should be an improvement and be of interest to your customers and other web users. Just keep in mind also, that people are looking for good and accurate information - that’s why they are searching on the internet, so make it a priority to give them what they are looking for.

If you are having trouble getting your site updated regularly please contact us to discuss our WebPA service and how it can help you showcase your company.