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Ready for the web trends of 2018?

By Michael Baxter on 7 December 2017 with tags Tech

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Screenshot of Ready for the web trends of 2018?

Even though we haven’t quite hit the end of 2017, you could say it’s been an eventful year in the digital work. There have been many progressions in technology and how a website can connect and engage with its customers. So what will be coming next year and more importantly, is your business ready to make use of them? Or will your competition beat you to it? Here are some trends worth looking at for 2018:

The Internet of Things (IoT)
It seems every device is connected to the internet these days. Are you leveraging them to either promote your services or sell your products?  Perhaps you have an IoT device idea and need the application and systems to capture and process the data?

With more and more Big Data being collected you need to understand the data around your own website. It's not enough to just know where people have come from anymore.  You should be setting goals, tracking users and evolving from what data you collect.

In early November, Facebook announced a new peer-to-peer payment process. 2018’s eCommerce function will allow users to quickly and easily complete transactions within their messenger. Are you ready to sell direct through social channels? Will you also be able to take blockchain payments in the form of Bitcoin?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes mainstream
Machine learning and AI are taking off. Who could have imagined a Siri or Amazon Echo in everyone's home?  Google has made its AI system open to developers - so are there parts of your business that AI could analyse and take care of things for you?

There are many changes ahead with technology which you can embrace in 2018. Now is the time to consider your options and start to plan and budget for taking that next leap ahead of your competition.

If you have an idea for the next big app or website contact us today and we can discuss the technology options open to you.