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Being professional

By Michael Baxter on 21 June 2010 with tags Marketing

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So, you have the best website, it looks great, and now, you have a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the content. You can update the site from anywhere on the globe, check visitors numbers, and respond to customer enquiries. What’s next? Why aren't your products selling? Should you be getting more visitors a month? Perhaps your site just isn't professional enough?

Here are some tips on keeping your web site professional:

Fonts and colours

Stick to using one standard font across all the content on your site. The same goes for colour. Too many changes will make visitors lose trust in what you are trying to say.


With today's digital cameras you can take huge photos. These are not necessary on a website. You need to invest time in cropping and resizing images to make them load quickly and be a sensible size within the body of site content.

Unnecessary links

Although having links to hundreds of other websites could improve your sites listing in Google, it can also turn visitors away. Keep your website content current and relevant and the search engines will do the rest.

Page titles

This may seem insignificant but page titles play a very important part in how people search for websites. If your website is about motor vehicles then you need to show this in your page titles, not only will this make your site more professional it will also show up as keywords in peoples search queries. This is also a secondary form of navigation, if your pages are titled correctly and in accordance with what that page is about new users will know what page they are on.

Meta tags

Always include meta tags and keywords in your pages. This is very important and depending on the relevancy and quality of your meta tags/keywords this could be your main source of traffic, in fact it could be your only source of traffic. If you do not have meta tags/keywords then people will simply not find your website.

Investing time in the above items, and refining the content on your site will keep it looking professional and drive visitors to you.

If you need assistance in making some of the changes to your site please contact us so we can assess the improvements your site may need.