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SilverStripe CMS

By Michael Baxter on 10 March 2017 with tags Utopia, CMS

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Screenshot of SilverStripe CMS

There are many different website Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market today. One of the newer players is the locally developed SilverStripe. This CMS was only open sourced in 2006. This allowed developers and designers from around the world to shape and improve SilverStripe. Since this time a vibrant open source community has grown around the project and the company has expanded with offices across New Zealand, Australia and in the UK. It is mainly used by government organisations, businesses and non-profit organisations. It is fully written in PHP with a large group of developers writing new plugins and modules to make the platform useable across a raft of websites.

Utopia is pleased to announce it is a SilverStripe Professional Partner. This means we are available for all your SilverStripe development including small business and government projects.  The NZ Government has created the Common Web Platform which specifies how SilverStripe - the chosen platform for all NZ government websites - should be used.

If you are evaluating your CMS platform we recommend you look at SilverStripe. We have an excellent comparison of the different CMS platforms on our website. Contact us at Utopia today to discuss what CMS platform would fit the needs of your website.